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created by Lawrence Edser

The Movement Project is an online training guide to injury prevention and sports performance that will provide you with the resources needed to help you reach your true potential.


Live series

This Series hosts a range of live Zoom movement routines and core workouts to help guide and support your training. Having a scheduled class each week keeps us on track and consistent, so you can maximise your health and performance. These classes run once a week during term-time and are included in your Movement Project subscription.


The Movement Series has a range of routines that explore different fundamental human movement patterns that will help build stability, strength, balance and coordination. Maintaining good form and controlled breathing throughout is at the forefront of this series. Listen to your body, go at your own pace and enjoy.


Building a robust body using specific core exercises is a great addition to your training. A lot of these exercises will highlight strength and stability imbalances and will guide you to areas in the body that need extra attention. Choose the appropriate modification for each exercise to maximise your session and help you reach your true potential.


Mobility is an essential component in maintaining good muscle and joint health. It is not about being really flexible but more about having healthy range of motion throughout the body. In this series we go through some key mobility exercises that will highlight areas of restrictions in your body that may be linked to an injury or suboptimal performance.


The strength series will take your fitness to another level. We adapt and become stronger when we lift weights and as a result we further strengthen key fundamental movement patterns of the human body. With the correct amount of strength training we can dramatically improve our performance on the field and everyday life.


Healthy eating should be a philosophy around how we see food and what that food does for our health. Going on a diet often spells restriction and research shows that long term, these extreme diets are not sustainable. This series will show you some of my favourite recipes that will help you optimise your health and improve your performance.



Expand your knowledge about human health and sports performance to help you reach your true potential. The blog contains articles about core stability, strength training, injury prevention and recovery. Also included are some my favourite recipes that I use to support my training, health and overall performance.



One of the best ways to reach mastery is to learn from the pioneers and professionals in your line of work or sport. Learning from experts is a proven way to improve and perfect your performance. This series will show you some of the main influencers that I have studied and researched in order to better my knowledge about human performance.



Reduce your risk of injury and perform at your best. This series offers specific training templates that will help build a strong robust body and support you in your target events. It contains key workouts from The Movement Project and consolidates them into weekly routines that target common weaknesses that I see each week in my clinic.

"His passion for getting people stronger and moving well shines through in his work"

"Results: I have attained PB’s in all the 3 disciplines of triathlon"

"The Movement Project is essential for optimal & long-term mobility, functioning & performance"

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