Neuromuscular and sports massage therapy in Tauranga  helps you resolve pain, prevent injury and maximise your performance


Guide, support
optimise & perform.

Guide & Support

monthly plan

NZ$ 80
per month
  • Monthly video call
  • Email contact to support
  • Training templates for guidance
  • Access to The Movement Project

optimise & perform

weekly plan

NZ$ 50
per week
  • Personalised weekly training plan
  • Weekly emails & phone contact
  • Training data analysis
  • Access to The Movement Project

Training Porgrams

Are you training for an endurance event or do you want to improve your general fitness? I  will help you reach your goals. You can download training programs online but they are often generic and don’t take into consideration your weekly schedule, family commitments or your current fitness level. A training program should be centred around sustainability and individualisation, giving you the best opportunity to achieve your specific goals.

I will help you build good habits around training, nutrition and recovery in order to maximise your overall health and performance.  Your program will also include full access to my online training platform of core stability, movement and mobility workouts. 

My training philosophy is strongly centred around maintaining balance and preserving health whilst building a strong robust body.  I look forward to providing you with the resources needed to support this philosophy so you can reach your own personal goals.

"His passion for getting people stronger and moving well shines through in his work"

"Results: I have attained PBs in all the 3 disciplines of triathlon"

"Fast forward a year & I can sit here writing this review having completed the Tarawera 100 miler"

My endurance timeline 


2022- 102km Tarawera trail run

2022- 140.6 Cairns Full Ironman


2021- Tarawera 50km trail run

2021- K2 single day cycle challenge 192Km

2020-The Moa Experience 15km trail run

2020- The Cougar 21km trail run

2019- Cambridge Half Marathon 

2019- Rangitoto 4.6km open water swim

2019- 140.6 Taupo Full Ironman

2018- 70.3 Taupo Half Ironman

2018- Paddockwood Half Marathon

2018- Rangitoto 4.6km open water swim

2017- 70.3 Taupo Half Ironman

2017- The Mount 2.8km open water swim

2017- Rotorua Marathon

2016- Auckland Half Marathon

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Peak Performance
Massage Therapy